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Folks sometimes have a difficult time visualizing where our 
shop is located. That may be because they don't realize the 
section of the street where our shop is located is called 
Orchard Park Rd.  Well, it is. It is a little confusing.  

From Southwestern Blvd, Orchard Park Road (Rt. 240) runs 
pretty much northwest. North of Ridge Rd. it starts to run more 
to the west. At the stop light, after it  passes Tops and 
Wegmans, Orchard Park Rd.  makes a hard right turn and goes 
north to Seneca Street. Orchard Park Rd. ends at Seneca. The 
street name becomes Harlem Rd. north of Seneca St. 

Where Orchard Park Rd. turns to the north, the name of the street that continues straight and runs to Abbott Rd. across from  Mercy Hospital, is Potter Rd., and
the street that runs to the south to Ridge Rd,  where the old Seneca Mall used to be, is Slade.

 We are located on the north section of Orchard Park Rd. one building north of the Iron Workers Hall and about 1/8th mile south of Ray Laks Honda. 

Take a look at the map above.   We really are pretty easy to find.
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